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Sharing information and opportunities to connect people to nature and history on a future 520-acre riverfront park.

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Recognizing the current challenges to outreach due to COVID 19, Scenic Hudson is planning safe alternative ways to engage the public in sharing their visions for the new park, beginning with online formats and broadcasts. Future invitational site visits (following social distancing guidelines) may be held, when appropriate. Scenic Hudson also will reach out to community members to discuss and seek their input about the site’s future as a state park.

Email QWParkquestions@scenichudson.org and share your vision of a new Hudson Valley Park.

Follow the community conversation and watch Land and Resilience: Re-Imagining Quarry Waters 520 Acre Park here. An interview with a mix of local residents to discuss the possibilities for this unique landscape on a special edition of The Kingston Land Trust’s Facebook series.

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The Land

Access to diverse recreational activities.

Scenic Hudson acquired this magnificent 520-acre landscape because of its outstanding potential to benefit residents of and visitors to the City of Kingston and Town of Ulster:

  • Its remarkable diversity of natural features makes this an ideal place for people of all ages and cultures to connect with wildlife and the inspiring power of the Hudson River.
  • The ways indigenous cultures previously relied on this land for sustenance offer lessons in environmental stewardship.
  • It will host a key segment of the Kingston Greenline Trail, connecting Kingston Point Beach with East Kingston, and one of the few places where the 750-mile Empire State Trail will connect directly with the Hudson River.
  • It offers opportunities for a range of outdoor experiences—from intimate hikes and family gatherings to larger community events.
  • Its complex industrial history and extraordinary geologic bedrock provides an ideal opportunity to explore the important role the Hudson Valley played in New York State’s development.
  • Thinking forward, the park can become an even greater economic asset to local communities and support residents’ livelihoods by attracting visitors to complementary revenue-generating activities appropriate to the land’s significant conservation values.

Exciting features include over 1-mile of Hudson River shoreline; river overlooks affording breathtaking vistas; over 17 unique habitats (including woods, wetlands, and a dramatic cliff and ridgeline); historic remnants of the brickmaking and ice harvesting industries; and quarried canyons.

What We’ve Heard So Far

Poll results from the first Online Public Engagement Session,
held on July 29, 2020.






Public Safety and Future Access

Currently, the site is closed so Scenic Hudson can secure it for public safety.

In follow-up to New York State’s announcement that it will not proceed with an environmental bond act in 2020, Scenic Hudson issued the following statement regarding its 520-acre property on the City of Kingston and Town of Ulster waterfront:

“Scenic Hudson looks forward to continuing our dialogue with residents and stakeholders in the City of Kingston and Town of Ulster to envision a future for the park that maximizes its benefits to local communities and the region. This engagement process began very successfully last Wednesday when more than 200 people joined us for a virtual tour and discussion. We are very encouraged by the turnout and participants’ excitement about the project.

“We protected this land because of its enormous potential to connect people to the inspiring power of nature and the Hudson River. We and our partners remain committed to achieving our shared vision for this special place. It will be an outstanding asset for surrounding communities and the entire Hudson Valley.”

Our Work

Motivated by the Hudson Valley’s beautiful landscapes and extraordinary people, Scenic Hudson uses its expertise in land conservation, park development, public advocacy and strategic planning to make the region a better place to live, work and play for everyone. From the start, our work has been all about the power of partners—we engage residents and communities to work with us in protecting and connecting people to the irreplaceable natural and scenic treasures that make the valley unique.

We’ve been successful in transforming industrial sites all along the Hudson River into magnificent public parks, and we are excited by this opportunity to envision a new state park along the Ulster County riverfront. We look forward to collaborating with the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP), Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC), City of Kingston, Town of Ulster and community members to ensure this project is responsive to the goals and meets the needs of the community, region and state.

“The Kingston Land Trust is breathing a sigh of relief that this land will remain undeveloped as a natural resource for our community, thanks to Scenic Hudson’s efforts.”

"We would welcome any collaboration to support meaningful access to this scenic, historic and ecologically rich site, especially since our initiative with the city and county—the Kingston Greenline—will be running directly through it.”

-Julia Farr, Kingston Land Trust Executive Director

“Securing this property will bring tremendous recreational, ecological, scientific and economic benefits to city and town residents and the entire region.”

"We have long protected the Hudson Valley’s rural landscapes, including working farms, for all to enjoy, while also restoring brownfield sites in Hudson River communities. This acquisition represents Scenic Hudson’s most ambitious undertaking in its history to transform a former industrial site on the Hudson into a community asset in an urban setting. We are committed to joining with other partners in the region to make the valley’s cities great places to live, work and play, and to engaging residents and stakeholders to work with us to restore natural assets that can enrich their lives."

-Ned Sullivan, Scenic Hudson President

“The addition of a new Scenic Hudson property in the City of Kingston will improve the health of our residents by providing a park within walking distance of underserved neighborhoods that will create access to the Hudson River, reduce stress with nature and create opportunities for free physical activity.”

-Emily Flynn, City of Kingston Director of Health and Wellness

“State Parks looks forward to working with Scenic Hudson to develop a new state park in Kingston. Community input and participation in this planning process will help make sure the park is better, more complete and more reflective of the Hudson Valley’s needs.”

-Erik Kulleseid, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner

“The Kingston Land Trust is excited to be able to support Scenic Hudson in their pursuit of a far-reaching and authentic connection between the community and land in areas we serve‒the City of Kingston and the Town of Ulster.”

"As an organization committed to creating access to land for all, we want to help this state park break the mold by prioritizing its relevance and accessibility to local residents. We believe it is important to engage marginalized populations who are often left out of the planning and design process around land. This is a topic we will be discussing with Kingston community members and leaders of all ages and experiences on the next episode of our “Land and Resilience” series via Facebook Live”.

-Shaniqua Bowden, Kingston Land Trust Culture and Community Engagement Captain

“This land represents an extraordinary opportunity to develop a new state park in Kingston with wonderful vistas, beautiful nature and a fascinating history.”

"The Palisades Interstate Park Commission looks forward to partnering with Scenic Hudson and State Parks to make certain that the surrounding community has a voice in the planning process and that the site reaches its potential as a recreational asset for the Hudson Valley.”

-Joshua Laird, Palisades Interstate Parks Commission Executive Director

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